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Jackson Wynn

I don’t want anything to do with my crazy family’s drama, which I’ve been watching unfold from a distance over the last year, but now my grandfather has Alzheimer’s and I feel I need to at least make a quick visit to see him. My hockey season’s over, all I have to do is get through my teammate Steve’s wedding, and then I’m on a plane to Los Angeles to do my family duty. After that, I’ll head home to Manitoba for some summer R&R at the family lake cottage.

Molly Flynn
Nobody’s expecting what happens at my wedding, which becomes pandemonium. I need to get out of there. Fast. Who do I turn to? Jackson Wynn, one my fiancé’s teammates. He’s been a friend to me since I met Steve. For one night, we hide out in his condo, but he’s leaving in the morning for California. I want to go with him.


I can’t take Steve’s fiancée with me to California. He’s going to flip shit over this. But the lying cheating bastard kind of deserves it, and I’ve always had a soft spot for Molly. Or maybe not so soft…because she’s not only sweet and kind, she’s hot as hell. This is a bad idea for so many reasons, and I sure as hell don’t need more drama in my life, but I can’t say no to her.

On this nutso trip, neither of us expect Molly to bond with my bonkers family…especially my poor, confused grandpa. And neither of us expect to bond with each other

Crap. Jax was right. His family is nuttier than squirrel shit.


I LOVE the Wynn family and all their nuttiness. The more of this series I read the more, the more I fall in love. Game Changer is my favorite book out of this series to date.

Jax is a Wynn, however, he doesn’t want to play for either of his family’s teams. He wants to do this on his own. Molly is about to get married to a hockey player, until she reads some texts in the middle of the ceremony and walks out. Her and Jax are friends, even though her ex is his teammate, they are trivia partners. I love the easy-going vibe of their friendship. They have so much in common. They both push each other to open up and get out of their shells.

I loved how naturally their relationship progressed, how Jax’s family instantly bonded with Molly. Molly’s friends were also supportive of her choices. Jax is also super supportive when it comes to Molly. He can’t tell her no, you can feel how much he cares for her and just wants her to be happy.

Game Changer is steamy, sweet and full of Wynn family nuttiness. It can be read as a standalone, however, I highly recommend reading the rest of the series to get all the Wynn family drama. A MUST READ hockey romance!


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