REVIEW ➼ Dirty Empire by K.D. Clark


I married a monster.

Years ago my husband was the perfect man, until I was faced with his abusive side. I’ve made mistakes in my life but getting caught in the middle of an affair has to be in the top ten. I thought my husband would kill me but Maverick saved me. He seemed like my knight in shining armor. However, Maverick comes with his own set of baggage.

How will this tangled web of destruction and lust unravel? Dirty Empire will thrill, anger, push and prod you to the edges of your imagination!

Looking at my life from the outside, it’s like a fairy tale. But, nothing is ever that simple.


From the very start Dirty Empire captures your attention and has you on the edge of your seat.

Hazel is trapped. She isn’t happy with her marriage; her husband isn’t the man the married. She needs an escape, enter Maverick. He’s dangerous, a businessman and a way out. Hazel and Maverick met under some unusual circumstances, but from the moment they met I could feel a connection and chemistry between them. Hazel does experience some trauma around the middle of the story and that was heartbreaking. You could feel her pain, you could feel Maverick’s pain.

Dirty Empire is a quick read that is full of action, heat and adventure.


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