REVIEW ➼ Devastation by AJ Alexander



1. great destruction or damage.
2. severe and overwhelming shock or grief.

Being the next head of La Famiglia strikes fear in everyone around me – except Penelope Star.

She’s worked her way beneath my hard-as-nails exterior and now, one look from her sends my carefully constructed walls crumbling to the ground. If we’re not careful, our secret will be my undoing.

When she’s taken, I learn the true meaning of the word devastation. I will cleanse the city of sin one by one to defend La Famiglia, but to protect her … I’ll burn it all to ash.

Penelope’s bubbly personality is the exact opposite of mine, but I’m drawn to her.


I loved Penny and Alex’s story. If you read Desolation, you’ll remember Penny is Frankie’s best friend and former roommate and Alex is Frankie’s big brother. I’d recommend reading Desolation first, just to get some background on the characters and to help the overall flow of the story.

Penny doesn’t know what to do, so why not go and visit your best friend? Only she isn’t home, however, insanely attractive brother is. Alex is going to take over for his father one day. It’s what he has worked for. He will do anything to protect those he loves, his sister’s best friend is no exception.

Penny and Alex have insane chemistry. I love the banter they have through the story. The denying of their attraction in the beginning that quickly turned into some pretty steamy scenes. Their relationship progressed quickly, but these two have been attracted to each other since the moment they met.

Their relationship isn’t easy. Devastation is full of twists and turns that will have you on the edge of you seat. This is a quick read, but is the perfect escape from the real world.

Devastation is a MUST READ for anyone who loves mafia romances or sisters best friend romances!


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