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REVIEW ➼ Destruction by AJ Alexander



1. the action or process of causing so much damage to something that it no longer exists or cannot be repaired.
2. cause of someone’s ruin.

I live my life as a contract killer for La Famiglia by three rules: Get In. Get the Kill. Get Out.

Until one mark, Tatiana Petrov, complicates everything.

She has known nothing but pain her entire life, and when she comes face to face with death; she’s ready — but I’m not.

Before her, my life was only death and destruction, saving her could be my ruin.

I am Tatiana Petrov, only daughter of Vladimir Petrov, head of the Bratva. Death has finally come for me and I am ready to die.


If you’ve read the previous two books you’ll know who Tatiana is and the roles she played. If you haven’t, she is the daughter of the head of the Bratva, the enemies of the CapoFamiligia.

Erik was sent on a mission, he is a ghost, a hitman. Of course, when he meets Tatiana he isn’t able to carryout his task. He is determined to find out how she is involved, why the Italian’s want her and how to keep her safe in all the danger.

I loved Tatiana. She is a fighter. A survivor. The things she experienced and had to two was insane and the fact that she is still standing is amazing. Erik is a little bit of a mystery at the beginning of the story but we quickly learn more about him and his connections to everything.

Destruction is full of drama, suspense and of course, a few steamy scenes! A MUST READ and with how this end ended I truly hope there are more books in this series!