REVIEW ➼ Collided by Lauren Asher


My job is to secure a Formula 1 contract deal while avoiding bad press.

I didn’t foresee Sophie Mitchell threatening my plans, tempting me to corrupt her, one naughty bucket list item at a time. For her reputation and mine, I should stay away, but I can’t deny the pull I have toward her.

What happens when our teasing turns into more? Sophie started a game she can’t win, and damn if my victory won’t be the sweetest one yet.

Creating a naughty bucket list gains Liam Zander’s attention, solidifying a destined-for-failure friendship.

He draws me in with his seductive promises, hidden persona, and unattainable heart. I broke my biggest rule, unwillingly adding a new item to my list while shattering my heart—and friendship—in the process.

Our love story isn’t written in the stars. How can it be when Liam is a black hole, sucking me in and leaving nothing behind?

You’re no princess. You’re a motherfucking queen. Don’t let anyone forget it, not even yourself.


Oh man, I loved Throttled, but Collided just blew that out of the water. Liam and Sophie are addictive, captivating and so much fun! I DEVOURED this story in a matter of hours, once I started, I couldn’t put it down and I was completely sucked into the F1 racing world once again.

Liam is lost and broken, but there is much more to him. He just needs someone to bring that side out. Sophie is sassy, fun, strong and she just wants to experience life, hence her list. A list she didn’t expect anyone to see but her, especially Liam Zander. The chemistry between the two was off the charts! There is no denying the heat factor between them. Their story was so much deeper and emotional than I expected.

The growth of Liam from Throttled, to the start of Collided to the end of Collided was astronomical. The more we got to know him as readers the more you love him and just feel for him. He comes across as a player and cocky and he is early one, but his layers start to unravel. Sophie even grew throughout the story, though not as much as Liam. I loved that their story took you all around the world.

The world and the characters that Lauren Asher has created is addicting. Collided is a MUST READ so buckle up and get ready for a wild ride!


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