REVIEW ➼ Brazen Steele by Ali Dean


Beckett Steele knows what he wants and he’s finally going after it. But there’s one thing that might complicate his mission. It was easy to sign the legally-binding contract prohibiting a public relationship when he had no intention of falling in love. He agreed to participate in a reality television show in order to help promote his best friend’s new skateboarding company, but that was before he met Jordan Slattery. Now, he’s realizing that signing that contract might be the biggest regret of his life.

I’m not even half in love. I’m all there. Day one of being her boyfriend and I’m completely gone.


After the ending of Brazen Rush I have been dying for book two and it was everything I could wanted and more!

I liked Jordan in the first book, but I LOVE her now. She is focused, real and completely down to earth. You can feel her love and passion throughout the pages of this book. She is a great role model, especially to all the young girls who look up to her in the skating world. Despite the negatives that comes with her increasing fame and her connections to both Beck and Griff. She handles everything probably better than most people would, especially at her age.

I didn’t think the chemistry between her and Beck could get any hotter, but I was wrong. I love these two together! They both continued to grow throughout the course of the book, too. They work so well together and I can’t wait to see where things go for them!

That ending though!!! I was on the edge of my seat with my jaw on the floor. The wait for book three is going to be killer but I can’t wait to see this series continue.


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