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REVIEW ➼ Beginning with You by Claire Raye


This short, but sweet, and oh-so-steamy story gives you some insight into how these two got together, a special moment they shared as a couple and where they thought life would take them.

All of which has been great, but what I also know is just a preview of what’s to come…pun intended.


Beginning with You is the perfect introduction to the Rockport Beach series or a great addition if you have read this series already.

Beck and Kelsey are the couple of Rockport Beach. They are completely in love and have their life planed out together. We get to see them celebrate Kelsey’s 18th birthday, share a special moment together and just enjoy the start of Beck and Kelsey’s relationship.

I have always loved the chemistry these two have and it was great to see how it all started and that they had insane amounts of it from the start. Plus, even at 18 Beck was HOT.

If you haven’t started the Rockport Beach series it is a MUST READ and full of steam and suspense. The perfect escape!