REVIEW ➼ Beautiful Trouble by Claire Raye


No one knows how dirty Hollywood can be better than Ava Bristol. Personal assistant to the film industry’s elite, she’s seen her fair share of celebrities crash and burn. And this new job will be her most difficult yet.

Bar owner Lewis Bristol wants what’s best for his new wife, Ava, but her latest employer is testing his patience. A bigshot director with a sharp tongue and a mind for manipulation, he doesn’t take well to being told what to do.

But Ava’s boss isn’t the only thing lurking in the shadows. When Lewis’ ex suddenly reappears, looking to reclaim what was once hers, their trouble spirals out of control.

“You were never a small breeze blowing through my life, Ava. You were a fucking tornado, harsh and all consuming, and I felt you in every part of my body.”


I am still at a loss for words. Bravo, to Claire Raye for leaving me completely speechless, even a day after finishing this book. I DEVOURED this book. I completely fell in love with Lewis, Ava, and their story. These two are complete opposites of each other, but they are so insanely perfect for each other. Their story started at 100 and stayed there the entire time.

Now, I could probably write this entire review about how much I love Lewis, but I won’t. You just need to read this one for yourself and see why this man is hands down one of the best boyfriends known to man.

Beautiful Trouble has it all. It is the perfect mix of romance, heat, and the dark side of Hollywood. Ava, who was previously introduced in Beautiful Secret as Julia’s personal assistant, is now living in London and working for a famous director. Her new boss, well he’s a piece of work. He is demanding, controlling, abusive and overall, just one big jerk. He is a bully, however, due to his power most people aren’t willing to stand up against him.

Lewis and Ava knew that one night would never be enough. They were drawn to each other and there was something there they have never felt for another person. It was fast, quick, but there is no denying how much feelings these two have for each other. They balance each other out. Lewis knows that Ava is fiercely independent and doesn’t try to hold her back. He is protective and possessive, but knows his limits.

The world that Claire Raye have created with this series is intriguing, dark and addicting. Beautiful Trouble dove into the dark depths of Hollywood and the film industry. Ava wasn’t afraid to battle the lies and deception, especially with Lewis as moral support. With the details and glimpses we got of secondary characters throughout this story I am DYING to see what is in store for book three.

Beautiful Trouble is not only a MUST READ for numerous reasons, but it is also hands down one of my top books of 2020.

Thank you, Claire Raye, for this copy in exchange for an honest review, for writing Lewis Bristol and for the Fast and the Furious reference.


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