REVIEW ➼ Beautiful Lie by Claire Raye


Dirty little secrets are all over Hollywood, but Sadie Washington never thought she’d be one of them. A successful screenwriter, she longs to separate herself from her manipulative movie director husband. And her latest project will test her marriage.

Hollywood stuntman Paul Walker has always been viewed a nobody. Blending into the background, he never expected to be noticed by the screenwriter on his latest set. And admiring from afar only lasts so long.

Gossip runs rampant when Paul is injured on set and Sadie steps in to help. Trying to forget her failing marriage, she gives in to all the lies she’s been telling herself, but nothing stays quiet in the City of Angels

Choose you. Choose what you want and fuck everyone else.


Ever since finishing Beautiful Trouble I have been waiting for Sadie’s story and it was EVERYTHING I could have wanted and SO SO SO MUCH MORE!

I didn’t think I could hate Noel anymore than I already did, but it is possible. That man is a horrible scumbag and deserves everything horrible that happened to him. This is all he deserves in my review, too.

Sadie, Sadie, Sadie. I love her. She is strong, fierce, talented and caring. Despite what life has thrown at her she continues to persevere and be the stronger person in the situation. Though, she does of insecurities still after years and years of abuse and manipulation she learns that she is more and deserves more. There are so many things about Sadie’s history that I can relate to and her insecurities. For anyone who struggles, she gives hope. Paul Walker is a perfect. He is caring, sweet, protective, supportive and the man that Sadie needs in her life. He knows that she is independent and strong and doesn’t shy away from it or put her down. He is her cheerleader, her support, her motivator, and her rock throughout the madness. He loves her for her and not for who he wants her to be.

Paul and Sadie’s chemistry is OFF THE PAGES! I loved their flirting and tension at the beginning of the story and seeing their relationship progress throughout the course of the book only made me love it more.

These two quickly become my favorite Claire Raye couple, which is saying a lot because I love all their couples. Their relatable characters, their relationship is real, it’s beautiful, and it’s emotional.

Beautiful Lie is a MUST READ and a TOP READ of 2020. Thank you for this story, the entire Dirty Hollywood world and for the Fast and Furious references.

Advanced copy provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review.


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