REVIEW ➼ Arrogant Playboy by Alex Wolf & Sloane Howell


There’s a hot new hire.

Too bad she’s Donavan’s ex.

Oh, and there’s one other problem—they hate each other.

The last thing he expected to see when he walked into the office was Paisley Williams.

She was the only person to graduate ahead of him at Columbia. The one woman who could give it back better than he could dish it out.

She was also the biggest regret of his life. What he did to her was unforgivable.

Now, she’s back in Chicago, working at his firm.

When old feelings interfere, stakes get raised, and secrets are revealed…

Will they have a shot at making it the second time around? Or are they more doomed than the first?

Seven years later…Paisley Williams is still mine.


Arrogant Playboy is my first read by Alex Wolf and Sloane Howell….and after reading this one I am definitely dying to read more from this writing duo, especially the Collins brothers.

Donovan is a criminal law lawyer. He is arrogant, dominant, hot, and powerful. He has worked hard to get where he is and prove to his old brothers that he is more than just the baby of the family. Paisley is a successful lawyer and she is doing everything she can to help her father and her grandparents out, even if that means moving back to Chicago and working for a law firm that took her father down and also happens to be the one her ex, Donovan works at.

The chemistry between Donovan and Paisley is EXPLOSIVE. These two were on FIRE. The dislike between them led to tons of tension, which led to some steamy scenes. They were together for three years during law school, so there is a lot of history between them and it is history that you don’t just forget about it. Things quickly progressed between them and seemed to only grow hotter as the story and their relationship progressed.

There was a little bit of drama, some great family moments and whole lot of heat. If you love powerful, dominant, dirty talking lawyers and second chance romances then this is definitely one you’ll want to check out.


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