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REVIEW ➼ Acer by A.M. Hargrove


How could a world so cruel and inhumane exist?

Little did I know the one-time-job I’d taken would plunge me into a world filled with mob ties and illegal activities or bring me face to face with the woman of my dreams. Isla Chambers was a blinding vision wrapped in Kevlar and topped in a baseball cap with FBI stitched on it.

With the sexy Isla working by my side, I gladly offered my assistance as the FBI’s only tether in uncovering this operation.
Besides, this could launch my career even further so refusing wasn’t an option.
The risk seemed small … or so I thought.
Not only did it expose Isla to danger, it also placed a huge target on my back.

It wasn’t long before I was drowning in unimaginable darkness.
How could a world so cruel and inhumane exist?
Days and nights merged until I was nothing but broken fragments.
The beautiful face that had brought me so much joy, was stolen from memory as I surrendered to the blackness now ruling my soul.
That carefree, innocent young man was beaten out of existence.
In his place, only an empty shell remained.

Until the day Isla walked back into my crumbling reality.
Was I too lost for that dream to live on?
If she still wanted me, I knew one thing.
I wasn’t worthy of her purity anymore.

For your information, if you couldn’t tell, I’m extremely attracted to you too.


The moment I started reading this book I was completely hooked. Acer was an emotional, twisted wild ride that is just getting started.

I love Isla. How can you not love a female FBI agent? She is pretty BA. She is a fighter. She doesn’t give up. Despite heartache and pain she still continues to fight. Acer is the youngest in his family, the baby. He always felt that he wasn’t enough to his family, especially compared to his brothers. From the moment they met Isla and Acer’s lives were connected and not just romantically, but in every single aspect. Their connection was instant and their chemistry was on fire. However, their relationship was not always easy and completely broke me a few times.

Acer isn’t your typical romance. This book is DEEP. It is emotional. It is captivating. It is gripping. This book will consume you. This book was difficult to read at times just because I was so overcome with emotions. It brings forth a true issue that many people may not always think of.

This one is a MUST READ and a TOP READ of 2020 for me. I can’t wait to see what is coming next for this new series!