REVIEW ➼ A Love Song for Rebels by Piper Lawson


I swore I’d never fall for a rockstar. He swore he’d never become one.

Tyler didn’t mean to break my heart. He did it anyway.

Now, I’ll never play by anyone’s rules but mine.

When he shows up in the last place I expect, with a confession and a promise…

There’s going to be a reckoning.

Because the naive girl he shattered is gone.

And the woman in her place is ready for a fight.

I was a boy who cared too much. She was a girl infatuated with something she didn’t understand.


I was so excited to jump back into Annie and Tyler’s world, but I didn’t expect this book to completely shatter my emotions.

I loved Annie and Tyler in book one but the way things ended completely broke my heart. Now, they are both back in the same city and the same school. Can they rekindle what they once had or is it done for good?

Their relationship is a rollercoaster. You can’t help but love these two. They come from different backgrounds, different lives. Yet, they connected, they share a love and a passion for music. Their chemistry is so strong and the willingness to both fight for each other makes me love them even more. Plus, Tyler. That man will have you swooning and blushing!

Their story isn’t over and I am DYING for book 3 ASAP because my jaw is still on the floor from that cliffhanger. If you read book one this one is a MUST READ and if you haven’t start now!


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