REVIEW ➞ Worth The Risk by Shannon Davis


Not all fairy tales are as simple as meeting your handsome prince and living happily ever after. Nobody knows this better than Rebecca Sharp. She thought she met her prince at the tender age of eight. As their friendship grew stronger, childhood infatuation culminated into a desire for romance. But untimely circumstances shattered Rebecca’s dreams of true love and left her broken and alone. A fresh start was the only way she could close the door to her painful past. Now, harboring her own dark secret, Rebecca has returned home to attend her ten-year class reunion, mostly to prove she isn’t afraid to see Jackson again.

Jackson Strickland had his own secrets, but his love for Rebecca wasn’t one of them. Tormented by the memories of the only girl he ever loved, his life spiraled out of control. When Rebecca unexpectedly returns, his life is shaken even more. No longer the young girl he remembered, she was a strong and beautiful woman. Despite his bitterness, he can’t resist her or the fire in his heart that’s been smoldering for the past ten years. But secrets from his past still haunt him and danger looms as a killer lurks.

Will they be able to overcome their past and risk everything for love?

As for happily ever after, I’d just about given up on the notion.


Worth The Risk was unexpected in the best way possible. Shannon Davis is a new author and as far as debut novels go this one was fantastic. The moment I started reading I was sucked into the story and this one will take you on an emotional ride.

The book is split into two different parts. The first part starts when Rebecca and Jackson are eight and instantly become best friends and continues until they are seniors in high school. Their friendship is precious and seeing that progress into more for the both of them was beautiful and sweet, however, despite feeling love for each other neither of them could fully show the other. The second part of the book jumps ahead ten years and it is their high school reunion. What happened during that ten year span is explained and is just as emotional as the first part.

I love these characters. Rebecca is strong, she is fighter and after learning everything she experienced I have so much respect for her, but I also just want to give her a hug. Jackson, my heart broke for him throughout the entire book. For everything he experienced as a child, to the struggles he has to continue to face as an adult. However, even after ten years have passed the chemistry and connection between Rebecca and Jackson is strong.

Worth The Risk is a beautifully written and emotional journey with a hint of mystery and suspense that will have you falling in love with Rebecca and Jackson from the start. A MUST READ!


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