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REVIEW ➞ When October Starts by Seven Rue



As his student, I should’ve kept my distance.

Out of all the guys in the world I could’ve fallen in love with,
it had to be my new teacher.

We fell in love slowly, hidden from others.
Keeping it secret, and falling deeper each day.

But no love is perfect, and we learned it the hard way.

When the truth came out and he left town, he left me broken and alone.

He’s to blame, at least that’s what everyone says.
But to me, he’s still the greatest man I’ve ever gotten to love.

And when October starts, no one can tear us apart.

That’s the whole point of love. You fall for one person, no matter who they are.


This isn’t my first read from Seven Rue, however, the first two books I struggled with getting into, but I was intrigued by this book and decided to check it out and I am so glad I did.

When October Starts is a forbidden, age gap, student/teacher romance. While it is taboo and there are plenty of steamy scenes this book had so much emotion behind it.

Juno is 17, a high school senior. She is full of sassy and the girl is hilarious. She’s an old soul. Ezra is 34, a teacher where Juno goes to school. He’s charming, sweet, loving and the man is dirty. The moment they met there was chemistry. They knew their love was wrong, but you can’t fight the connection.

The story took an unexpected emotional turn and my heart literally broke. You could feel all the pain and emotion coming from these characters.

While When October Starts is a forbidden, taboo romance this story was so much more. It was beautiful and emotional from the very beginning. If you don’t mind age gaps/taboo romances this one to check out.