REVIEW ➞ What Do You Want? by K. Dosal McLendon


Family, soccer, and friends, it’s what I’m best at.
And after Lucy left seven months ago, it’s all I’ve focused on.
The last year of college is here, and aside from soccer, I don’t know what I want.
Especially after screwing my best friend, the girl with ripped jeans, Doc Martens, and a spicy attitude. Since then, Vanessa’s attitude isn’t the only thing spicing up between us either.
Do I take the risk, knowing I could lose my best friend?
Or stay friends and miss out on the greatest love of my life?
I’m bound to screw something up.
After all, I’m Liam Raynolds.

I’m always hiding under my laptop or books, bidding in digital currency, hacking, or getting lost with the month’s current read, anything to keep everyone at an arm’s length and my armor intact from becoming someone’s second in life.
Because somehow, I always am.
And the last thing I expected as an international student was finding a best friend who easily chipped away and closed that distance without a trail.
I never planned for Liam; it just happened.
I know what I want, but the clock is ticking, and once I graduate in the fall, I’ll be gone.
Decisions need to be made.
But who’s flipping the coin?

Without noticing, Liam became a friend. My best friend. Little by little, he chipped my armor, and with him, I wasn’t afraid to just be.


Liam and Vanessa are everything I wanted and so so so much more! Though, this review is hard to write because I am truly not ready to say goodbye to the Raynolds triplets and their significant others. For the past year I have fallen in love with Claire, Jake, Cole, Grace, Liam and Vanessa and the ups and downs of their relationships.

Liam and Vanessa are friends, really they are best friends. However, one night on a cruise forever changes their relationship. Can they be something more than friends or is it just not meant to be?

I have loved Liam from the beginning, even though he has some moments where I just kind of want to slap him upside the head (aka pretty much everything involving Lucy and his own stupidity). I love how much he cares about his siblings and how much he cares for Vanessa. He definitely has a sweet side and a major sweet tooth! Vanessa left her home for school, she didn’t have her family, but she found family with the Raynolds. She’s pretty BA, too. The girl has some serious hacking and computer skills.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the family interactions between Liam, Cole and Claire. The love and care these siblings have for each other is beautiful. The guys are protective over Claire, especially since the accident. They know each other so well. Plus, the banter between the group was hilarious at times.

What Do You Want? Is the finally book in the What Do You series, however, it can be read as a complete standalone but to full grasp the Raynolds relationship and some of the events that occur in the story I HIGHLY recommend to start with What Do You See?

I am sad this is the end and sad to say goodbye to my favorite triplets, however, this story went out with a bang and you will not be disappointed if you’ve been reading since the beginning. What Do You Want? Is a MUST READ and I can’t wait to see what is next from K.


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