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REVIEW ➞ Weight of the Badge by T.R. Cupak


Born into a prestigious family and groomed to be the next Beaumont to take over the family business when my cold-hearted father retires isn’t as glamorous as it seems. My entire life mapped out by the one person I loathe—my father. But instead of obeying my dad’s demand to return to Harvard and complete my college education, I enrolled at the police academy with my best friend, Deacon Winslow.

Deacon has always been like a brother to me, and now, we’re brothers bound by the badge and blue uniform we wear, and the oath we took to serve and protect. I’d lay down my life for him and him for me. There was only one rule between us—stay away from her.

Britney Winslow, my best friend’s younger sister, is off-limits because of a silly agreement I made with her brother when we were kids. Now that we’re older, that promise is proving to be more challenging to keep. Britney’s kind heart and beauty are hard to ignore, and the way she makes me feel whenever she’s near is blurring the line I vowed I would never cross until a horrific incident turns everyone’s lives upside down.

Weight of the Badge is book one of a duet. The storyline is an angsty, forbidden friends to lovers, contemporary romance, set in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes World that will shatter your heart and piece it back together again.

He’s the forbidden fruit, and dammit, I want to eat that fucking fruit.


THIS BOOK. It was completely unexpected. I went in thinking it was going to go one direction and it went the complete opposite. This book shattered everything inside my soul.

Britney and Deacon are siblings, Kade is their best friend, Deacon’s partner and has been crushing on Britney since they were children. However, he made a pact with his best friend when they were children, he wouldn’t date his sister. However, the chemistry between Britney and Kade is undeniable. They are drawn to each other, there is a strong connection to them. You can only avoid that kind of chemistry for so long.

This story GUTTED me. It was emotional. I was crying my eyes out in the middle of the night reading it. My heart was breaking. This story shows that you don’t always know what someone is going through and how one event can make such a significant impact on them and those around them.

I went into this book completely blind, I don’t read blurbs and I was surprised. I wasn’t expecting it to end on a cliffhanger and I’m already dying for book two and to see how the rest of the story is going to go.

There are events that occur in this book that may be hard to read, so it may not be for everyone. Weight of the Badge is an unexpected, emotional, best friend’s little sister romance and a MUST READ.