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REVIEW ➞ Until Kingston by Shanna Swenson


Everything was going great… Until Kingston.

Guinevere Watson

I’m twenty-four years old and living my best life as a kindergarten teacher…or was, until the
night I meet him. Tall, tattooed, and tasty–bad-ass biker and musician Kingston Black. Our night is
filled with sinful indulgence, but within the week, I’ve lost both my job and duplex because I’m his
alibi following the murder of a fellow biker.

Now all I see is red. I will have my vengeance, if it’s the last thing I do. Only, I didn’t prepare for
falling in love…or being pregnant with his baby. Fate is a cruel b!@#h.

Kingston Black

Guin, she’s a sexy little Tinkerbell and ever since our hot night together–and the BOOM! I
felt–she’s all I can think about. She’s my daughter’s teacher, or was until my bad reputation got her
canned. Now what kind of guy would I be if I didn’t help her out?

Next thing I know, I’m inviting her to move in with me and my girls. She’s now my roommate, and as
a single dad with two daughters working three jobs, I can use all the help I can get. Despite her
terrorizing me at every turn with mischievous pranks, I’ll break down her walls…and won’t stop until
she’s mine.

However, my sordid past may end up destroying “us” before we even get started.

“Do you know how difficult it’s been having you here, in my house, mere yards away….while I sleep and dream about our perfect night together?”


Kingston Black has a reputation and it isn’t necessarily a good one. Guin is a kindergarten teacher, well until she mets King and her life is changed. They become roommates and well things from there kind of escalate.

Guin and King had an instant connection the moment they met. They shared a perfect night together. Neither of them could stop thinking about it and when they become roommates their chemistry is still simmering beneath the surface and they can only deny that attraction for so long. There are some steamy moments between the two of them throughout the story. The pranks Guin plays on King were hilarious and he took them pretty well. I loved the bond Guin had with King’s daughters, Cam and Charlie. It was fun to see her interact with them and just be there for the girls and the feeling was mutual for them when it came to Guin.

There is a little bit of suspense when it comes to King and his past. He is still somewhat dealing with everything but as he slowly does and it only helps his relationship with Guin grow.

If you’re looking for a secret baby, single dad, roommates to lovers romance this is one to check out.