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REVIEW ➞ Unsettled by Halle


The first murder sent shock waves through the city.
The second one had everyone scared to leave their homes.
The third caught the attention of the nation, the whisper of butterfly kisses flying across the headlines of every major newspaper.
The small town of Rivercrest Landing had a serial killer.
And in the midst of all of it I’ve gotten myself tangled with a cruel boy whose cornflower eyes taunt my inner demons with the taste of his.
A boy who makes me question everything.
If I’m not careful, I might just get a butterfly kiss of my own.

This book was previously published under author AJ Wolf and has been remastered into a newer updated version.

TRIGGER WARNING: Blood/murder, knife play, choking, depression, loss. Reader discretion is advised.

Two beautifully tarnished souls making all the wrong, icky parts of the world just a tiny bit darker with our hearts of tar.


I read the original release of this book last year and absolutely loved it and now that is being re-released and updated I still absolutely love it. I still found myself in shock by the time I got to the end and I knew what was coming.

If you read the original release, I still suggest reading this one. It was worth it. It was fine to noticed clues that may have initially been overlooked that points who is behind everything.

Unsettled is full of twists and turns, it has some steam to it as well. It is dark and twisted and completely addicting from the start. The story and the mystery completely sucks you in from the start.

There are things that may be triggers for some, so make sure to read the content warnings before starting!

If you’re looking for a dark, suspenseful, steamy story this is one to read!