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REVIEW ➞ Turnover by Lisa Suzanne


I’m in love with a man who is marrying somebody else. At least that’s what was supposed to happen when I was kicked out of the wedding last night by the bride’s father.

I find myself without a job, without a home, and without the pro football quarterback I’ve fallen for. The only thing left to do is head back to my parents’ place in Kansas as I give up every dream I’ve dared to have since I left it.

I’m just not sure I’m ready for the turnover.

TURNOVER is the fourth book in the VEGAS ACES: THE QUARTERBACK series. This series must be read in order.

When Jack Dalton asks you to run away with him…you go.


Jack and Kate’s story has been full of ups and downs from the very start. There is such a strong connection between the two of them, however, Jack is way too stubborn to see how good they can be for each other.

Finally, I felt like things were finally falling into place for these two and they are both truly getting what they deserved in life….but then I learned that the happiness and joy can be ripped away in an instant and now everything is back where it started with them.

I love Kate and I love that she has her parents that she can lean on for love and support throughout the story. Plus, she also has Ellie, who she has formed a great friendship with. Plus, Ellie can provide plenty of insight when it comes to Jack.

I am DYING for the conclusion of Jack and Kate’s story and I will continue to root for these two to find their happily ever after together.

If you’re looking for a sports romance this is one to check out, but make sure to read the series in order!