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REVIEW ➞ Truth or Dare You by Elizabeth Hayley


After tragedy strikes, Sophia Mason finds herself thrown back together with her ex fake-brother/boyfriend Drew. But this time she’s going in with her eyes open and her mission clear: she’ll help Drew get back on his feet and then show him the door. Simple…right?

Drew Nolan’s spirit is almost as broken as his body. Asking Sophia to help him seems cruel after the way things ended between them, but she doesn’t give him much choice—something he’s extremely grateful for.

When Sophia’s brother, Brody, reappears, their lives become even more of a circus, but they all manage to settle into their own version of normal—a normal that involves starting a venture of questionable ethics in the eyes of the university. As Sophia and Drew help get the business off the ground, it becomes impossible for them to deny the feelings that still exist between them.

But when the going gets tough and Sophia risks getting kicked out of school, will Drew remain by her side and support her, or will he run again?

Until I’d gone and fallen in love with the guy Brody had hired to pretend to be him. Strange when I thought about it like that – falling for someone I had to call Brody all semester – but Drew was sweet and cute and funny and all the things female fantasies were made of.


I couldn’t wait to dive into this one after the ending of Never Have You Ever! I fell in love with Drew and Sophia’s relationship even more throughout the course of this book. They have amazing chemistry and truly are perfect for each other.

There is so much amazing banter between Drew and Sophia. Plus, now that we actually get some more of the real Brody, I loved seeing his and Sophia’s relationship throughout the story. Drew and Sophia’s relationship is kind of on the rocks at the start of this one and I definitely had some doubts on if they would work things out or not several times. Despite everything though, I loved how Sophia wanted to do everything she could to help Drew.

Truth or Dare You is full of laughs, but there is a little light drama mixed in to help balance everything out. I loved every single moment of this book and I loved getting more of the secondary characters. I CANNOT wait for Book 3, because the ending to Truth or Dare You had my jaw on the floor!!!