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REVIEW ➞ Traded by Lisa Suzanne


The first time I met pro football’s hottest quarterback, we ended up horizontal just before the most embarrassing moment of my life.

The second time, I unleashed all my pent-up anger on him.

The third time was when the owner of the Vegas Aces introduced him as the newly traded player I’d be coaching for the next year. No…I’m not a football coach. I’ve been hired as his full-time behavior coach.

Now I have to live with my one-night stand, his fiancée, and their newborn while I attempt to help him make better decisions. On my first day, I’m already having moral dilemmas as I watch him chug orange Gatorade in the kitchen wearing nothing more than a towel. If I truly guide him to better choices, I might just find myself out of a job.

And this is one job I can’t afford to lose.

TRADED is the first book in the VEGAS ACES: THE QUARTERBACK series. This series must be read in order. 

Is he like this with every woman, or is there actually something between us?


From the moment Jack and Kate first meet there is instant chemistry between and it is off the charts. Then, things took a turn for the worse and Kate was not on Team Jack. Now, she has to live with the man and “babysit” him. Something neither of them are excited about.

I loved Kate from the start. The woman has the patience of a saint at times for what she has to put up, especially when it comes to Jack. Jack, I go back and forth with him throughout this book. There are times where is a complete jerk and I want to knock some sense into him, but then there are times were a different side comes out and you can’t help but swoon a little.

I loved all the build up in this story between Jack and Kate and their relationship with each other. Of course, just as things start really picking up the book leaves you hanging. I am looking forward to see how their relationship with each other progresses and to see the growth of these two characters.

If you’re looking for a sports, workplace romance this is one to check out