REVIEW ➞ Torqued by Leaona Luxx


Rush Hatcher likes his women fast and his cars faster. The sexy sports star is the epitome of a PR company’s worst nightmare.
Rush is everything I loathe in a man… or so I thought.

When I’m tasked with handling my father’s latest investment, I go in poised for a fight. Being headstrong and determined only makes the impact worse when fate sends me spinning out of control.

I never imagined falling head over heels for the playboy driver, but never say never to life in the fast lane.

Racing is in our blood, and he’s under my skin. Now, if I can just get into his head and stay out of his bed, we’ll both be on the right track.

We’re just nearing the finish line, when he throws out the caution flag, sending me crashing into the wall he keeps around his heart. Too bad for him that wall is now crumbling.

Will we ever see the checkered flag, or will this team effort be left in the dust?

One thing I know for certain, we’re headed for the winner’s circle with Rush behind the wheel.

I will not spend my nights dreaming of Rush Hatcher.


Oh Rush, it’s so easy to love him!!! He goes hard whether it’s racing or with women. The moment Spencer walks into his life he is thrown off the track and it’s a fun, enjoyable ride from there!

Spencer is strong, feisty and she can do her job like no one else, especially in a male dominated industry. She isn’t a pushover and the woman can give as good as she gets. She isn’t happy about having to work with Rush, but she does it anyway and she does a great job at it.

Rush and Spencer have great chemistry and great banter throughout this story! I seriously couldn’t get enough of the two of them!

If you’ve never read Leaona’s books before this is a great introduction to her writing and the amazing characters she creates and if you’ve read her before there is some fun little cameos from some old favorites!

Torqued is a high speed, swoony, chemistry filled MUST READ!


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