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REVIEW ➞ Tie Me Down by Melanie Harlow


Just friends.
That’s all Beckett Weaver and I have ever been.

Sure, he’s a hot cowboy who left Wall Street behind to take over his family’s ranch. Yes, I’ve had a secret crush on him since we were seventeen. And who wouldn’t appreciate those strong hands, that massive chest, and the way he fills out a pair of Levis?

He makes a girl sweat just looking at him . . . and I look. A lot.

But I’m a single mom trying to move on with my life, and he’s running that ranch single-handedly while taking care of his elderly father. We don’t even live in the same state. I only returned to my hometown of Bellamy Creek to sell my late mother’s house, and he just invited me and my son to stay with him because he’s got a big heart.

That’s not the only big thing he’s got–which I discover the night I finally sneak across the hall to his bedroom and shed my inhibitions right alongside my pajamas. And once we give into each other, we can’t stop.

The hayloft. The bed of his truck. The dock by the pond.

Nothing has ever felt so right, but his past has taught him not to believe in happily ever after, and every perfect night I spend in his arms brings us closer to goodbye.

Like any cowboy, he’s good with a rope and knows exactly how to tie me up.

But what if I want him to tie me down?

Beckett was a man who always kept his hands to himself. For the first time in my life, I sort of wished he wasn’t.


Maddie is a single mom to one of the best children ever, Elliot. She has a two week vacation and uses that time to go fix up her childhood home that has fallen to shambles over the years. She is staying her childhood best friend and neighbor, Beckett Weaver. Beckett had a career on Wall Street but gave it all up to return back home to his families ranch after his father’s health was declining. Maddie had always been the one he wanted and even after years and years apart.

I loved the friendship between Maddie and Beckett and the connection they had. Beckett isn’t formed a bond with Elliot and accepted him for exactly who he is, unlike the Elliot’s father. All of the feelings they had for each other quickly came to the surface the more time they spent together. Maddie helped Beckett out with his father and took a lot of stress out of his day.

It was great to see the rest of the Bellamy Creek crew, again and get a little more into how things are going for all of them. Plus, the way Maddie and Elliot quickly became apart of the group was amazing.

I wasn’t sure what to expect going into Beckett’s story, but I completely fell in love with him, Maddie and Elliot. This is easily my favorite one in the series.

If you’re looking for a friends to lovers, small town romance this is one to check out.