REVIEW ➞ The Pool Boy by Nikki Sloane


Nothing says happy birthday like catching your husband in a compromising position with his boss.

His male boss.

Why, hello, midlife crisis. I’m starting over, but this time I’m doing it right. Or at least I’m doing what I want.

Taking the day off from work to hang out poolside? Yup. Do I leave the swimsuit in my house? Sure.

Does my very hot, twenty-something pool boy happen to catch me naked? Oh, yeah, he does. And he likes what he sees… a lot.

My best friend keeps telling me to have a fling and get back out there. But I’m not so sure she meant for me to do it with her son.

Troy and I were already past the point of no return, so I justified what was happening between us made no difference.


The Pool Boy is the PERFECT forbidden summer romance! Nikki Sloane brings the heat, the emotion and romance with this book and I loved every single moment of it!

Erika is newly divorced. Her pool boy just happens to be insanely gorgeous, he is also her best friends son. However, there is an attraction between them. Why not live out the pool boy fantasy? Troy has noticed Erika. He has thought about her a few times in a not so friendly manner, but when he has the chance to make all his dreams come true will he trust her?

I LOVED Erika and Troy’s relationship. Yes, it is forbidden, but the chemistry between them is SCORCHING. You’ll need a dip in the pool after reading these two. I loved that their relationship wasn’t just physical though. Troy has dreams, however, he doesn’t want to be rejected again. Erika’s support of those dreams, her belief that he can succeed, even though he doesn’t see that in himself. However, Erika’s dreams also come back. She has the inspiration she was lacking in the past. Naturally, they both have doubts throughout their relationship, however, they have to both learn to trust each other.

I loved getting a little glimpse of Greg and Cassidy, too! It is always great to see visits from old characters.

The Pool Boy is a MUST READ forbidden, age gap romance!


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