REVIEW ➞ The Perfect Woman by Nicole French


My husband is a monster.
My home is riddled with lies.
I thought I could bear the torment for my daughter’s sake.

Until I met him.

In one night, Matthew Zola showed me everything I never knew I was missing.
Deep, dark, earth-shattering love.

Matthew thinks I’m the perfect woman.
But we’re only as good as the secrets we keep.
And my biggest one—the one he doesn’t know—could cost him everything.

Should I risk everything to buy back my freedom?
Or remain in shackles to protect the man I love? 

Together, we had no names. We ceased to be two separate people. Lost, yet found. Wild, yet tamed. That word again swelled. Together we were home.


I have been waiting for the continuation of Matthew and Nina’s story for what feels like forever and this was worth the wait.

The Perfect Woman is full of more twists and turns, more suspense, more heat. This story will keep you guessing from the very beginning and stay that until the very end with a jaw dropping cliffhanger.

I loved that this was really Nina’s story. I loved getting to know more about her past and how she ended up where she did and with her horrible husband. There was the perfect mixture of flashbacks mixed in the present time. Plus, the periodic chapters through Matthew’s POV. This just made me like Nina even more as a character, her love for her daughter is fierce and this explains why.

I can’t wait to see where Matthew and Nina’s story goes in The Honest Affair. The Perfect Woman is a MUST READ and a great continuation of Matthew and Nina’s story.


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