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REVIEW ➞ The Memory of Us by Claire Raye


Twelve hours was all they spent together, but to them, it meant everything.

Nora and Elliot’s meeting was predetermined. They both believed that wholeheartedly. It was fate. No last names, no identifying information, only an all-consuming need to be near each other and the belief in falling hopelessly in love with a stranger. But circumstances beyond their control separated them, and twelve years later they’re still searching.

Apart, they’re broken and they won’t give up until they find each other.

But what if they never do?

The Memory of Us is a complete standalone angsty soulmate romance with all the feels. You can expect heartbreak, miscommunication, searching, crying, loving and a sigh-worthy ending. No cheating and no cliffhanger!

“Why does it feel this way?”

“Because I was meant to find you.”


The Memory of Us is a book that will have you pulling an all nighter. This story will captivate, it will suck you in, it will take you on an emotional ride that you’ll never want to end. Claire Raye wrote a beautiful, emotional romance about how twelve hours with one person can forever change your life.

The story is split into three parts. Part one is Nora’s POV, part two is Elliot’s POV and part three is a dual POV. The Memory of Us spans a decade, the undeniable connection between Nora and Elliot is so strong. Their romance is epic. It is one that is truly standing the test of time, even though throughout all the time searching for each other time was never on their side.

I loved Nora’s relationship with her sister, Alice. They acted like any sisters would. They bicker, they fight, they support each other and they love each other. Alice was one of my favorite secondary characters, even though she started out as a spicy disaster I loved her and the gift she gave to Nora.

The Memory of Us is full of chemistry, emotions, laughs, frustration because of all the missed chances, love, hope, and an epic love. This story is written in a way that you’ll feel deep in your soul. You’ll feel the pain and heartache of these characters and all the emotions. This story is a MUST READ and hands down one of my all time favorites from Claire Raye.

Massive thank you to Claire Raye for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.