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REVIEW ➞ The Match by Winter Renshaw


All I wanted was a baby. No daddy? No problem.

That’s what anonymous donors are for …

But when the fertility clinic accidentally sends me a letter addressed to a man whose ID matches my paperwork, I discover my child’s father is none other than world-renowned tennis champion Fabian Catalano—famous for his gorgeous face, chiseled abs, and broody, wildcard reputation.

Only everything changes when the clinic calls us in for damage control—and Fabian drops the bombshell of the century. Turns out the intense Adonis wants to get to know his daughter.

So I invite him to stay with us—temporarily.

Ground rules and all.

And our arrangement is simple … until it isn’t.

Between 2 AM feedings and stolen kisses, my sweet little simple life has taken a very complicated left turn.

But oh, baby. What happens next—is a game changer.

She isn’t just a mother. I’m not a world famous athlete. In this moment, she is mine – and I am hers.


I DEVOURED this story. I was absolutely hooked and completely fell in love with Rossi and Fabian.

From page one I fell in love with Rossi. She is hardworking, but she always wanted a family and decided to go with the donor route. She ends up with an adorable baby girl, Lucia. Fabian is a professional tennis athlete. He is known worldwide. When Rossi mistakenly receives a letter that was meant for her donor, she learns his identity. The donor also finds out about what happens and wants to meet her.

I loved these two characters. Rossi is perfectly fine with her life. She has a job she loves, runs her own business and has her daughter. She doesn’t need Fabian’s money or his help when it comes to her life. Plus, she has her family that help her out a lot. Fabian is a professional athlete and he has it all, but there is something out there that he knows his missing from his life. I loved him so much. I loved seeing him grow throughout this entire story. The chemistry between Rossi and Fabian is fantastic and I loved the growth of their relationship. There are so many steamy and sweet moments between them.

If you’re looking for a romance that is sweet, binge worthy, beautiful and not like any others out there this is one to read!