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REVIEW ➞ The Estate by Ivy Wild


Family. Honor. Commitment. Lies.

Family. Honor. Commitment.
My entire life was built around these three words.
And my entire life turned out to be a lie.
But burying the pain is easier than dealing with it and that’s what I’d planned to do.
Until Lex Evans showed up.
She tore down the walls I’d thrown around my heart brick by brick.
She reduced me to rubble, so she could build me back up.

I am the girl people abandon and I’ve accepted that.
I don’t say no because I don’t know how and people take advantage of it.
I hoped he’d be different. It seemed like he was.
Carter Ross swept into my life and I didn’t say no.
But this time, I didn’t want to.
His walls are up so high, but I can see the cracks.
And in all his darkness, he can’t stop the light from seeping through.
When he leaves, I’ll be the one to break.

The Estate is a complete stand-alone contemporary romance novel.

Ever since I had that first taste of you, I’ve been hooked. You’re like some sort of drug.


I made the mistake of starting this book right before going to sleep and I instantly got sucked in and was up most of the night reading this story. It captured my attention from the very first page and as the story continued, I fell in love with these two broken characters and their story.

Lex is strong and she has come to accept her life and the fact that everyone always ends up leaving her. You can’t help but love her character and want to cheer for her and want her to find her HEA. Carter is a loner, he has given up on love and has walls up to protect himself. The moment Lex and Carter meet there is an instant connection, even if Carter was kind of a jerk early on. However, Carter does have a sweet side and that does eventually come out.  I loved the two of them together and was really rooting for them.

There are plenty of characters throughout this story that cause trouble and you just instantly dislike *cough cough Candace*, then you have characters that I just kind of loved to hate, like Silas (who I am super excited about having his own story). I loved everyone else who worked at the estate with Lex and instantly made her feel welcome there, especially when Carter was being a jerk.

The Estate is emotional, it is angsty and there is plenty of drama throughout the story.