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REVIEW ➞ The Doctor by Harlow Layne


This is Kade and Raine’s full story. It includes the first 6 chapters from Knocked Up by the Doctor with an additional 8 chapters plus the epilogue. This is a special pre-order price for those who bought Knocked Up by the Doctor. Price will go up the day after release day.

Playing doctor just got very real…

I only wanted to let loose for one night. One night.

I had no idea that single night would change the rest of my life in nine short months.

Imagine my surprise to be reunited with the sexy stranger that knocked me up at my prenatal visit.

Turns out my baby daddy was also my OBGYN.

At least I know he’ll be in the delivery room. But will he have room in his life for us?


I fell in love with Raine and Kade’s story in Knocked Up by the Doctor. This is that story, plus plenty of more that is just as addicting and steamy.

A one night stand turns into a surprise baby and the doctor just so happens to be the father. Raine is a loveable character, she has taken the pregnancy in stride from the start and is determined to be the best mother she can be. Kade got the shock of his life and given the fact he is a doctor, he is rather protective of Raine. He is broody, but I loved seeing a caring and lighter side come out of him.

I loved the chemistry between Raine and Kade. I loved how their relationship progressed throughout the course of this story. It was fast paced, but never felt rushed or that it was missing something. These are two characters that will have you falling in love and rooting for.

If you’re looking for a steamy, surprise baby romance this is one to check out.