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REVIEW ➞ The Dating Lesson by Penny Wylder


Dating lessons for college students like me:
1. Don’t get into anything serious.
2. Don’t mess with exciting older men.
3. Don’t send flirty texts to your new professor

Guess what? I broke every lesson before my first day of class.
In my defense, I didn’t know that the hottie I was chatting with on my dating app would turn out to be the guy deciding my grades.
Sitting in that classroom, his intense eyes watching me cross my legs, his lips curled in a smirk that’s perfect for kissing in the dark… is beautiful torture.
He knows too much about what I like. It makes me nervous, and it drives me wild.
I’m obsessed.
So is he.
But if we get caught, both of our futures are going into the garbage.
Take a lesson from me– don’t date your professor.
People think it’ll stay a secret… but it won’t.


The Dating Lesson is a steamy, fast paced, age gap, professor/student romance that will suck you in from the very first page.

I loved Kimmy. She wanted to make things better for her family and right the wrongs that were dealt to her father and brother. She is hard working, determined and focused, though, she does like to have a little fun. Leo loves being a professor, he has a reputation at the school as being a good professor and equally good looking.

Kimmy and Leo met on a dating app, everything started as a little harmless texting, then progressed into sending pictures and videos. They had a connection, they had fun. What they didn’t expect was that Kimmy would walk right into his class. Things should have stopped, however, they only escalated. I loved the chemistry between Kimmy and Leo. Yes, there was LOADS of steaminess and physical attraction, but there was also a deeper connection between them. They supported each other and had so many sweet moments together.

If you’re looking for a age gap, professor/student night time read The Dating Lesson is one you’ll want to one click!