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REVIEW ➞ The Boss Deal by Penny Wylder


He wants me. I want him. But we both know we can’t stay together.
So we made a deal.

It started as a one night fling between strangers. I didn’t expect to see him again, especially not the next day, dressed all classy and sharp, being introduced to me as the investor for my best friend’s new cupcake business.
I love her to death– that’s why, when I notice she has the hots for my Accidental One Night Stand, but she’s too shy to admit it yet, I decide to end my fling.
But he… he doesn’t want to stop.
He wants more of me.
And when we’re stuck together on a road trip to make sure my bestie’s bakery launches with a BANG, my new hot boss offers me a deal.
A single week of bliss.
After that we’ll go our separate ways, and my best friend can ask him out without me messing it up. It’s win win.
What happens when I don’t want our deal to end?

Tonight’s for thoughtless pleasure. Tonight’s for lawless bodies and forgotten rules. Tonight’s for every dirty dream I’ve ever had about being reckless.


It was just supposed to be one night. A night full of passion and wildness. No names. Never see each other again. However, that’s not how things workout for Misty. Nick, her mystery man, his now her boss.

Misty and Nick are now working together. They are going to a new bakery in a small northeastern town. After their night of passion, they were still so much chemistry between them. They can’t stay away from each other, despite Misty’s best attempts. They use their time away from the city to give into all their temptations, but that will never be enough.

Misty and Nick bring the heat from the very beginning and it just doesn’t stop for these two. I honestly couldn’t get enough of them. They worked well together, too. They made a great team when it came to the bakery. There were several super sweet moments between them throughout this story.

The Boss Deal is a quick and steamy read. If you’re looking for a hot afternoon read definitely check this one out!