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REVIEW ➞ The Big Boss by Penny Wylder


I hate rich men. I avoid them like the plague.
But when my best friend begs me to deliver flowers from her small shop to the desk of a mega-CEO because she’s too sick to do it herself… I agree.
I wish I hadn’t.
The second I meet Keenan Silverman, my heart and mind are at war. He’s gorgeous, he radiates an intimidating aura, and his voice is pure silk to my ears.
He’s also the epitome of everything I hate. HATE.
Did I say hate?
He’s clearly obsessed with me; he keeps finding ways to force us together in the same room. Keenan believes he can break me down by exposing me to our undeniable chemistry.
He’s right.
And when we finally kiss, I realize I’m as obsessed as he is.
Will everything fall apart when our different worlds clash? 

The man in front of me could change the way I think about suits.


The Big Boss is a fun boss romance that will be a quick weekend read.

Justine is passionate when it comes to her job at a non-profit that helps out the elderly, but she also assists her best friend with her florist business. When she makes a delivery to her friends biggest client she doesn’t expect the crazy attraction to this man. Keenan may be a CEO and a man in a suit, however, there is more to him than an arrogant CEO.

Justine and Keenan had some amazing chemistry from the start. There was an instant attraction between the both of them, however, Justine was kind of hesitant when it came to anything more. I love how Keenan went with it though, even letting her plan their first date and paying for it. This story was also full steam, too.

The Big Boss is a MUST READ boss romance, so if you love an alpha CEO definitely check this one out.