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REVIEW ➞ Texas Roses by Samantha Christy


Quinn comes from a rich, dirty, Texas family he wants nothing to do with.

Amber is searching for a place to belong.

When their worlds collide in an unexpected way, her past may help guide his future.

“If you’re the devil, sweetheart, go ahead and take me to hell.”


This story is hands down my favorite of the series, which isn’t a surprise because Piper’s was also my favorite. I wasn’t this story to be so emotional, but it was in the best way possible.

Quinn’s family is wealthy, but it’s dirty money. He doesn’t want to be associated with them and has worked hard to continue to distance himself as much as possible. Amber has never gotten close to anyone, she keeps everyone in her life at a distance and for good reason. She is lost, she is just living her life. Amber and Quinn found each other when they both needed it most and when life threw some curveballs their way they had each other to lean on and support one another.

I loved the chemistry between Quinn and Amber. What may have started out as something physical, quickly turned into more. The pain and heartache are real in this story and you can feel every ounce of emotion coming off the pages. My heart was breaking for them, especially for Amber and it was so easy to feel her pain through everything.

I HIGHLY suggest reading Black Roses first to get full picture of Amber’s story, but even if you haven’t read it you can still easily enjoy this story.

If you’re looking for an emotional, small town, forced proximity, little bit of suspense, strangers to lovers romance this is one to read!