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REVIEW ➞ Texas Lilies by Samantha Christy


Everything is bigger in Texas.
Including secrets.

Devyn came here to be invisible. To run from a past that gives her no chance of a future.
Until the day I pull a gun on her and fall head-over-heels in love. With her tenacity; her beauty; even her brokenness.

I don’t need to fix her. I just want to help put together her shattered pieces. I know how to do it. I know broken.

But in our world of untold truths, love doesn’t heal all wounds.
And I’m about to find out just how deep hers are.

Texas Lilies can be read as a standalone novel. It is book two in the Devil’s Horn Ranch Series. This series can easily be enjoyed out of order.

There’s something about her. She’s sad. Lost, yet somehow strong.


Devyn and Aaron’s story was an emotional one that is full of secrets. I completely fell in love with these two from the start. There is so much pain in their pasts and it is a pain that they both share and can help each other with. It feels as if they were meant to meet and their paths were meant to cross.

I loved Devyn. She is trying to start over while hiding her past at the same time. You can’t help but feel for her and also want her to find the happiness she truly deserves throughout the story. I also loved Aaron. He also had a past and it isn’t something that he has really ever opened up about, especially to his own family.

There is an instant connection between Devyn and Aaron. They both see something in the other and are drawn to each other. I love what once the truth comes out neither of them run, instead Aaron does everything he can to help Devyn and to be there for her when no one else has. There is no doubt that these two are perfect for each other.

There were so many sweet, beautiful, emotional and steamy moments throughout this story. It was great to return to Devil’s Horn Ranch and get updates on Maddox and Andie, see the Pearce family again, and get a little bit of Aaron’s guardian angel.

It can be read as a complete standalone, but I highly recommend reading the original book White Lilies (Aaron’s parents story) and Texas Orchids first.

If you’re looking for a small town, emotional romance full of secrets this is one to read!