REVIEW ➞ Texas Big Man by Penny Wylder


They say everything is bigger in Texas. One look at Harlan Decker, and I have to agree.

Seeing his back muscles ripple as he splits open thick logs like they’re made of butter is enough to make me sweat.
When he looks at me, his eyes tear through my defenses.
I’ve never felt so exposed.
Then he says something I’ll never forget. “Before summer ends, you’re going to beg me for it.”
I know what he means by it.
I’m shocked… and a little tempted. One problem: I’m determined to save myself until I get married.
Also? I’m tough as nails. I never beg for anything.
Thanks to my older brother I’m stuck on this ranch for the next three months, working with a cocky jerk who thinks he can make me his.
Harlan is the biggest, strongest, most dominating take-no-lip man I’ve ever met in my life.
Before summer ends, will I be begging him to be my first?

That’s the smile of a man with dangerous confidence. A smile that tells me he’s used to being in control and could make anything in the world happen.


Texas Big Man is bringing the heat in this perfect summer romance.

Melena needed to get out of the city and her brother presents her with the opportunity of working on his newly purchased ranch together for the summer. Only her brother isn’t there when he arrives, but an insanely gorgeous ranch hand, Harlan is.

Melena and Harlan have an instant connection. Though despite the chemistry between them they didn’t get off on the best foot. However, things quickly begin to shift between them, and the sparks fly from there.

I loved every moment while reading this book. It was fast paced, captivating and brings the summer heat.


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