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REVIEW ➞ Tackled by Lisa Suzanne


When compromising pictures of me with the pro football quarterback I’m behavior coaching hit the press, we need damage control. I’m probably going to lose my job since his fiancée’s father—the man who hired me—discovered the pictures as I woke to a cloudy memory of the night before.

My questions surrounding Jack’s relationship with his future bride grow more pressing by the day…especially when his eyes tackle me with all that heat. As he saves my job and I continue to coach him toward better decisions, I find myself falling for him. Maybe my purpose here is to open his eyes to all his options.

But if he leaves his new boss’s daughter, the consequences could mean the end of both our careers.

TACKLED is the second book in the VEGAS ACES: THE QUARTERBACK series. This series must be read in order.

Does he actually…care about me? His actions certainly speak to friendship, at the very least. But maybe there’s more.


After finishing book one, Traded, I was starting to like Jack and this one made me fall for the man even more. I loved getting to see a different side to him, especially when he was around his baby boy.

Kate and Jack continue to spend more time together, even doing things where they look like a family. It is hard to not fall for that. Jack is opening up more to Kate and Kate is starting to understand more about Jack and his reason for doing things he does.

These two are just so easy to root for, yet there are so many things standing in their way. There is a long road ahead of them and I am sure it will be full of twists and turns as the story continues.

I’m DYING for the third book in this series, because I need to know what is going to happen next after this cliffhanger of an ending.

If you’re looking for a sports romance this is a series to check out!