REVIEW ➞ Stones Unturned by Taylor Danae Colbert


“We choose family, always.”

As the only child of Georgia’s leading tech mogul, that motto has been our way of life for as long as I can remember. I’ve been groomed and primed to take over his role since I was fifteen. Ever the dutiful daughter, I’ve done everything to stick to the plan, even if the plan was never what I actually wanted.

But people lie. Stories change. Entire family histories are rewritten.

When tall, dark, and devastatingly handsome Derrick Thomas shows up with a photograph that shatters my world, I find myself following him 700 miles north to Meade Lake—the one place that might help me find answers.

Drowning in lies, I cling to Derrick’s every word, desperate for the truth. And somewhere along the way, I end up clinging to him, too.

Suddenly, I feel a change in the wind, a crack in all those concrete plans that were laid for me ever so carefully.

“We choose family, always.”

But after I find out what they’ve done, I realize that family isn’t always flesh and blood. Sometimes, family can be strangers. Sometimes, strangers can be family.

I just have to choose which one I want to call mine.

I don’t think he’s keeping his own secrets. I think he’s keeping mine.


Stones Unturned is a beautifully written, emotional story that will captivate your heart from the very beginning.

Kaylee is a strong woman. Her family has her entire life planned for her, though it isn’t what she wants it is her family and she will do anything for them. That is until a mysterious man finds her and turns her life completely upside down.

Meade Lake is a town you’ll want to visit. It’s on a lake, picturesque and has the close-knit small-town vibe you can’t help but love. Everyone there knows Kaylee, however, Kaylee doesn’t know them. She feels like an outsider. They instantly all treat her like family. Derrick is pretty guarded, however, after hearing stories about Kaylee from her grandmother he knew he needed to find her, he needed to bring her back to the town her grandmother lived in.

I loved the relationship between Kaylee and Derrick. They are instantly drawn to each other and the more time they spend together their bond continues to grow. There are so many sweet moments between them, but also some steamy scenes. Kaylee’s relationship with everyone in Meade Lake is truly beautiful. She instantly bonds with some and one particular person takes a little bit longer to warm up to her, but once they finally talk things are so fun and natural. The growth of Kaylee throughout this story is one of my favorite things. She is all about just doing whatever her parents want, even if it doesn’t make her happy, however, after a short time in Meade Lake she starts to realize there is so much more to life and she can do so much more.

Stones Unturned is a MUST READ and a standalone in the Meade Lake series, however, I HIGHLY suggest reading book one because Ryder and Mila’s story is just as beautiful.  


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