REVIEW ➞ Steal My Heart by J.H. Croix


A road trip with some serious complications.

All bets are off when Mack unexpectedly crosses paths with his best friend’s little sister. They’re both on the way back to their small hometown.

Ash is off limits. Totally. They’re just friends, so no problem, right? Soooo wrong.
Mack can’t stop thinking about her and can’t stop wanting her.

Ash wants nothing to do with men, most certainly not grumpy Mack. Except there’s one problem. He has a new ability to set her on fire.

Things get complicated on a whole new level when Ash discovers she’s pregnant.

This friends to lovers, forbidden romance is hot, intense & swoon-worthy!

Although I knew chemistry when I felt it, and I knew it wasn’t a one-way street between us, it still didn’t feel right to act on it.


Ash and Mack have a history. They grew up together. She is his best friends’ little sister, so when they run into each other on the other side of the country and take a road trip back to their hometown together new feelings come to light and tension builds.

Ash wanted to keep everything hidden from their friends and family, however, Mack wanted to share everything. He didn’t want to hide their relationship. But with a surprise pregnancy, how long can they really keep things secret?

I LOVED Ash and Mack. Their story was a trip. It was emotional, steamy, tension filled and captivating. Their chemistry is off the charts and you could feel the tension between them just oozing off the pages. There was a bit in the middle of the story where things kind of slowed down, however, they quickly pick back up and it is an emotional ride to the end.

Steal My Heart is a swoon worthy, emotional, best friend’s little sister romance and a MUST READ!


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