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REVIEW ➞ Something Like Perfect by S.C. Stephens


From #1 New York Times bestselling author S.C. Stephens comes a complex romance about finding your purpose, living your dreams, and loving your soul mate.

Valerie would never do anything to hurt her sister, but when the man of Valerie’s dreams turns out to be her sister’s new boyfriend, remaining loyal to her family becomes increasingly difficult. Valerie knows nothing can ever happen between her and Jake, but that doesn’t prevent her from growing hopelessly fond of him.

By keeping her distance, Valerie is mostly successful in pushing her feelings for Jake aside, but when she struggles to land a job after culinary school, it’s Jake who offers her the opportunity of a lifetime working with a world-renowned chef…and also, working with Jake.

Valerie’s heart twists with indecision. Does she take the job of a lifetime cooking and sailing around on a yacht, but torture herself in an isolated situation with a man who is perfectly made for her yet absolutely off limits? Or does she reject the offer that could get her so much closer to making her dreams come true?

“I want you. Today, tomorrow…forever, I want you.”


This book isn’t for everyone. If you can’t handle cheating in a book, then you’ll definitely want to avoid this one.

Valerie meets Jake at a coffee shop and from the moment she saw him she was smitten by this mysterious man, only to find out that Jake is also her sister, Kylie, new boyfriend. Jake is also smitten with Valerie, but also cares about Kylie. Valerie just graduated culinary school and looking for a job, until Jake brings up a position on the yacht he works on. This is where things start to take a turn….

Valerie and Jake are forced to rely on each other for survival. They continue to fight the connection for most of the time they are together. However, three months into their ordeal and the chance of leaving the island becoming slimmer they cave.

Jake and Valerie do have LOADS of chemistry and they are so many similar interests. You can’t deny the fact that sparks were flying off the pages from the moment they met. They did try to avoid being together as much as possible. They did feel guilty for being together and what it would do to Kylie.

This was a fairly quick read, there is loads of drama with the Valerie/Kylie/Jake triangle and the shipwreck, but there are some sweet scenes mixed in. This book isn’t for everyone, but despite the cheating aspect of the story it was still enjoyable.