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REVIEW ➞ Sir Jasper by Emily Aster


One year. Twelve strangers. An unbreakable contract.

The first time I saw the secluded mountain-top villa, I thought it was beautiful.
Then I met the powerful men who owned such a place. They forced me to bow down before I knew their names. Exposed me to their hungry eyes.

I’m their prisoner for a year.

This is all thanks to my dead father. He left me a massive diamond mine. Everyone here wants it… marrying me is the only way.

12 months. Each one dedicated to a different gorgeous, wicked man to do as he pleases. And at the end they’ll fight over me in an auction.

There’s no love here. No kindness.
That’s what I tell myself so I can resist.
Because if I thought for a second that one of these tempting strangers could fall for me, heart and soul, I’d lose the only power I have.

If I fall in love…
That’s when I’ll truly surrender.

Are you fated to be unbreakable like the diamonds from your inherited mines, or will you shatter like glass?


This book captivated me from page one. I DEVOURED this story in a matter of hours and was left dying for more!

Marjorie lost her parents and was sent to live with her uncle….or so she thought. She learned that she must participate in an old tradition and in the end it will end in a marriage and her new husband inheriting her families diamond mine. She has one year before the auction and each month is spent with a different man, the first being Sir Jasper.

This book is hot, it is steamy, it is erotic. With the men Marjorie has met there is an instant lust between them all. With Jasper there is some insane chemistry from the moment they met and the more time they spent together it only seemed to grow. I am curious to see what will happen between them as she spends time with the other men.

If you’re looking for an erotic, secret society vibe story this is one to check out.