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REVIEW ➞ Sacrifice by Brooke O’Brien


No one ever goes into marriage expecting it will end in divorce.

Every day became a struggle as I saw the man I once loved become someone I didn’t recognize. But for my son, I knew I had to work up the courage to walk away.

Starting over in a small town wouldn’t be easy, but it was close to my mom, and I needed her support. When the perfect home and a job all but fell in my lap, I couldn’t help but feel like I was right where I was meant to be.

Corbin Reid walked into my life like he was meant to be there all along. His devilish smile and his smooth-talking ways are no match to the amazing heart he shows me. It didn’t take long and I didn’t stand a chance but to fall in love with him.

Our secrets always have a way of revealing themselves. When the truth comes out, the happiness I finally found comes crashing down around me.

Will our past tear us apart or will our love be worth the sacrifice?

Corbin came out of nowhere and has tipped my whole world off its axis.


Haelynn and Corbin’s first meeting…I was SWOONING so hard! It was full of so much passion and sweetness.

I adored Haelynn. She is hardworking, she is a great mother and truly wants nothing but joy and happiness for her adorable little son, Huxton. She also has a ton of strength to get out of a situation that isn’t good for her and for her son. Corbin…that man completely stole my heart. He is sweet, protective, and just the ultimate book boyfriend.

The chemistry between Haelynn and Corbin is instant and it is off the charts from the very first moment they met. The two of them together are just meant to be. They are drawn to each other and even with trying to avoid their connection they can’t deny it. Plus, how Corbin is with Huxton is just adorable.

This story is full of emotion and beauty from the very first page.

If you’re looking for a small town, single mom romance this is one to check out!