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REVIEW ➞ Run Wilde by Luna Kayne



I’ve spent the last eight years working hard for the position I hold in our company, leaving little time to focus on play, but all of that is about to change.

Wearing a tray full of spilled coffee isn’t how I imagined I’d ever run into someone like Hazel and now, she’s all I think about. She has a quick wit and an innocent heart and I’m instantly intrigued.

She thinks I’m playing around but I’m going for keeps and I’m not the only one. Something isn’t right and every step we take forward is met with a step back.

Someone is trying to sabotage our connection and I need to get to the bottom of it before I lose her forever.

After high school, my life went on without me while I lost almost everything I held dear.

I put my future on hold to help my mother care for my dying father and watched, helplessly, as he lost his business then his home to those with deeper pockets than his, before he lost his life.

Now, I am working hard to get back on track and help my mom build ourselves up to a comfortable life when I bump into a mysterious stranger—literally. Our first meeting is a disaster and he ends up leaving me with more questions than answers when he only offers me his first initial—N.

I should focus on my classes. I should search for stability. I can’t afford to play games with my second shot at having a life. The lessons of my past are screaming at me to walk away.

So why can’t I?

*Run Wilde is the second book in the HIS series. It is recommended the first book, Step Darkly: His Ward, be read before this one.

You may be fine for a while but eventually those pieces of us that aren’t properly healed turn into jagged shards and begin slicing away at us from the inside out.


Romance. Heat. Suspense. Run Wilde is the perfect combination of all of that.

Hazel Masters is a student who got a late start of school while taking care of her parents. She is working hard to earn money and get her degree to help her and her mom out when she runs into N. Noah Wilde is a businessman and working his is primary focus. Until he literally runs into Hazel.

From the moment Noah and Hazel meet there is a connection. The two of them are both drawn to each other. They balance each other out. Noah brings a sense of calm to Hazel that she never knew she needed and gives her a way to release herself and truly discover who she is. Noah is protective and caring and Hazel brings all that out in him.

There is some suspense and drama mixed into the story with one of Hazel friends who may have some ulterior motives, especially when it comes to Hazel. He will do anything to get Hazel and isn’t afraid to take action.

I loved Hazel and Noah’s relationship. I loved getting more of Josh and Emilia throughout the story and getting to see more of their relationship and see it grow even more. Run Wilde hooked me from the start and I couldn’t put it down.

If you’re looking for a steamy romance with some suspense this is one to check out.