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REVIEW ➞ Romancing His Heart by Avery Maxwell


I’m a highly trained special operative tasked with taking down the East Coast’s most dangerous man—my father.

She’s a bubbly, timid, overly inquisitive romance author with an aversion to true love. And she’s now under my protection.

As our worlds collide, we’re forced into hiding while I piece together who’s chasing us. Sitting idly in a one-room cabin with Sloane Camden has me catching feelings I have no business having.

When I finally give in to temptation, the sparks we’ve been dancing around engulf us in flames.

Will our time together be enough to tear down her walls? Or will old insecurities have her running before we even begin?

I write romance; I don’t live it.

As far as I’m concerned, happily ever after is best left in storybooks where they can’t hurt you.

But spending time alone with the insufferable Loki Kane has me questioning all I thought I knew.

Long days turn into hot nights, and before long, the line between fiction and reality becomes blurred.

He has a way of making me see the light even in the darkest of days. For the first time in my life, I’m wondering, what if?

When the walls of his past close in, will I be strong enough to fight for us? Or will I run before he can leave me too? 


A romance author and a secret agent, what isn’t to love about this story?

Loki finds himself injured and Sloane finds herself taking care of them. I absolutely loved the chemistry between the two of them. I loved that they both helped each other, they made each other absolutely crazy and they also became each other’s support system throughout the story.

There are twists and turns throughout that had me on the edge of my seat. The suspense completely sucked me in. There were laughs in text exchanges between the group of friends and I was loving every moment of those. Plus the steam and passion between Loki and Sloane was off the charts!

This is the fourth book in a series and can be read as a complete standalone. This is the first one I’ve read and didn’t feel lost with the overall story, but definitely missed out on getting to know this amazing group of characters.

If you’re looking for a romantic suspense this is one to check out.