REVIEW ➞ Risk by Harlow Layne


There was no turning back once the line was crossed…

Callum Crew loved control— on and off the track. It’s what made him the best Formula One driver of his generation.

But being the best was a lonely road.

In his line of work there was no room for doubt or distractions.

It was my job to help him get out of his head. Instead— I risked it all and fell for him.

Aspen Belle was under my skin. The beautiful therapist was driven and dedicated, two things I was drawn to.

There was no denying the chemistry between us was combustible. I couldn’t get enough.

Our romance was reckless— our relationship forbidden.

But that didn’t stop us… nothing could. 

Callum was handsome – too handsome for his own good – and with my attraction to him, it made my job more than a little difficult.


Callum Crew, oh how I love you. He’s broken, he is sweet, and he brings the heat.

Callum went through something tragic and now experiences panic attacks that have affected his ability to race, that his until he starts to see a therapist, Aspen Belle, and realizes that she is the only one that can help him. Of course, she also happens to be insanely gorgeous.

The moment Callum and Aspen met there was a connection. Aspen was careful with this, she knew she couldn’t take the chance of losing her license by having a fling with a patient. Callum understood, however, that didn’t stop the flirting and all the sweet things Callum did for Aspen. The tension just continued to build and eventually everything comes to a head….

I loved the forbidden aspect of their relationship. When Aspen finally gave in to all of Callum’s flirting, they did have to keep everything a secret. I also loved their friendship. It was fun and light, full of flirting from both sides. Add in the travelling to many gorgeous locations and spending time together, it showed a different side to Callum.

If you’re looking for a fast paced, forbidden romance that will take you around the world Risk is a MUST READ!


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