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REVIEW ➞ Redemption by Laura Lee


I fell in love with Beckett Armstrong before either one of us knew what that meant. He was my first kiss. My first love. 

My entire world. 

We promised each other forever, and we meant it wholeheartedly. But unfortunately, when tragedy struck, love wasn’t nearly enough to save us. 

Little did we know… it would only get worse from there.

Twelve years later, Beckett and I wear our scars like finely crafted armor. We’ve been in survival mode for so long, we’ve forgotten how to live. After everything we’ve endured, can we move beyond the pain to forge a future together? 

Or are we destined to repeat the mistakes of our past? 

*REDEMPTION contains graphic scenes that some readers may find triggering.  

When I left this town, I not only left pieces of my heart behind; I left part of my soul, too. I just didn’t realize how much of it until this very moment.


This book DESTROYED me. This is one of those stories that will shatter you heart, keep you up until 3 am reading and leave you ugly crying. It is beautiful, emotional, and full of love and second chances.

Presley, I love her. She is survivor. She is strong. She is powerful. She may not have felt that way about herself, but she is so much stronger than she could even realize to survive in her situation as long as she did. She is so deserving of a happy ending and all the love in the world. I fell in love with Beck, he had his heart broken and his entire world was shattered, he experienced things that many people haven’t, but he found a way to cope with everything in his life. Presley and Beck are truly each other’s person and soulmate.

I loved getting glimpses of Presley and Beck’s relationship from the moment they met as children to when everything changed between them. Even as children and teens their chemistry is beautiful, their connection is magical and their relationship was a journey. At young ages they experienced more than anyone should at their ages. Flash forward the twelve years and there is still so much undeniable chemistry between them. Their hearts and souls recognize each other and crave each other.

The real life issues tackled in this story are hard to read at times, but the way they are handled throughout this story is raw and emotional and real. It isn’t glamorized in any way. These scenes make you feel so many different emotions.

If you’re looking for an emotional, second chance romance this is one to read!