REVIEW ➞ Rebound with Me by Kayley Loring


When you’re in your neighborhood liquor store trying to figure out what kind of alcohol to consume after finding out your fiancé has dumped you for a 22 year-old nanny, and the hottest guy you’ve ever seen comes up to you and offers to get you a drink at the bar down the street, you’d go—right?

It’s not the kind of thing I would have done before now. I’ve been a Good Girl my whole life. Always played it safe, always followed the rules. I even got engaged to the principal of the school I teach at. Well, look where that got me.

It got me back here in my apartment, with the sexiest most charming guy I’ve ever met. When I find out that he’s the nanny’s ex-boyfriend and his plan was to sleep with me to get back at my ex—you’d think I’d kick him out, right?


This guy Vince Devlin is exactly the kind of trouble I’ve been protecting myself from. Do I want to help him get back at my ex in this way?


I want him to get back at my ex hard. With wild abandon. All night long.

I expect the hottest (and only) one-night stand of my life.

I don’t expect him to come back for more and show me the best summer I’ve ever had. I don’t expect us to fall in love. I don’t plan to invite him to come with me on my weekend getaway, I don’t expect him to say ‘yes,’ and neither of us expects to run into our exes there.

We don’t expect any of it. The only thing we know for sure is that rebounding with each other is a bad idea. The best bad idea that either of us has ever had.

REBOUND WITH ME is a sexy and sweet romantic comedy about a hot summer fling that just might turn out to be the real thing.


I’ve previously met Vince and Nina in The Plus Ones, however, I LOVED getting to see how they met and the start of their relationship. Plus, their meet cute was fun and I LOVED it.

Vince and Nina are both newly single. Neither looking for anything series, so what’s better than a fun summer fling? After the summer they will part ways and both move on with their lives….but things never really work how we want them to.

I love Vince and he has definitely made my Kayley book boyfriend list. He is sweet, but he also has a dirty side to him. I loved how he cared for his little brother, it was sweet and will seriously melt your heart. Nina is also super loveable. She is funny, sweet and she is caring. The two of them together have amazing chemistry that was instant! I couldn’t get enough of them and their banter. I seriously was cracking up while I was listening to the audiobook of this story.

The narrators, Teddy Hamilton and Mackenzie Cartwright, did a FANTASTIC job bringing both Vince and Nina to life. They both captured Vince and Nina so perfectly that it made the story so much fun to listen to.

This one is a MUST READ and a MUST LISTEN if you’re looking for a laugh out loud romcom.


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