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REVIEW ➞ Petty Rage by Thandie


No half measures. No in-betweens. Just two angry extremes with disaster in our very near future.

She’s hellishly smart.
And overly pathetic.
One lingering look and I wanted her. A single laugh at her quirky, smart-mouth and I was done for.
But just underneath her unimpressed gaze as she looked at me, was a calculating deviant that I failed to notice until it was too late.
So now, after a forever of hating her from a distance, I now have a pretty good opening to make her pay in kind and finally knock her out the damn game.
After all, at some point, even ‘good’ guys turn into rugged, devilish beasts.
A beast of her own making.

He’s everyone’s favorite beautiful, reckless, daredevil.
But no one really knows him. Not as well as I do.
They don’t see the rage simmering just behind every smile or the pain engraved in every joke he tells.
So how then will anyone see that he’s no longer the sweet guy I met but is now the devil with a wicked smirk?
Strike one, I lied to him.
Strike two, I fell for him.
But strike three? I believed he was still the same as before.
He wasn’t.
The blue fairy now grants dark nightmares.

WARNING Petty Rage is connected to the first three books of the Westbrook Blues series and it’s novella. Before reading this story, it is highly recommended to read Reckless Hate, Vicious Hate, Broken Hate and Frosty Blues, respectively. All books are available now! Due to the mature and dark content and themes, this series is not recommended for readers under the age of 18 years old. Please heed this warning.

I’m just a girl who knows what it feels like to carry a pain that no one will ever know, and I know what it feels like to be alone, trying to numb out that pain.


I don’t even know where to begin with this book or with Noah and Kim. From the first three books and the novella of this series I knew the two of them had insane amounts of chemistry, but also knew that they had a very explosive relationship.

The push and pull between these characters is intense at times. Noah and Kim know how to push each other’s buttons in the best and in the worst of ways. The hate, the rage, the lust, the passion that burns between these two just oozes off the pages at times. Everything about them is addicting and leaves you wanting more.

They have both been secondary characters up until this point in the series. I loved getting pieces of the past between them in the form of texts and of course, seeing where they are no in the present. Both, Kim and Noah, are damaged characters. There has been a lot of pain, loss and suffering in their pasts. Yet, I love that together they shut that out even if for a brief moment and just existence in their own little world.

Noah is full of rage and hurt, yet I loved at times throughout the story a softer side came out, a much more caring side. There is a lot more to him, but only certain people get to see that in him. Kim is the same way. She puts on a brave face and acts tough, but there is a lot more to her than what meets the eye.

Fair warning this does mention things that may be hard for some people to read, so be warned. I’m also going to pretend that the last chapter of this story does exist because I was in shock and I still am in shock over that cliffy!

If you’re looking for a dark, enemies to loves romance with plenty of secrets this is one to check out.