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REVIEW ➞ One Time Only by Lauren Blakely


Ever hear the story about the bodyguard who falls for the rock star?
Yeah, it never ends well.
Each day I remind myself that it’s my job to protect Stone. And nowhere in the job description does it say I should lust after the charismatic, charming rock star.
But every night I spend with him the attraction grows more intense, electric, undeniable.
Until one night in a limo when we combust.
One time only will have to be enough.
Because the mistakes from the past are chasing me.
And If I give in again, I might lose everything.
Good thing I’m strong, determined, and dedicated to resisting him.
But after a close call at his concert, all bets are off.
And in his hotel room, we strike a brand new deal.
One that can’t end well for me, but I do it anyway. Because sometimes you grab hold of the desire. And other times, the desire takes hold of you.

Because that’s how it goes when your bodyguard is a stone-cold fucking fox.


I loved Jackson and Stone from the very beginning. Stone is a Rockstar and Jackson is his bodyguard. There are lines they just shouldn’t cross, however, lines slowly start to become blurred.

The chemistry between Jackson and Stone is undeniable. It is off the charts. It is full of passion and steam. I loved the tension between both of them and the flirting before they both caved to their connection. All it took was one kiss and one time for the walls to come down and sparks really beginning to fly.

One Time Only is sweet romance with great characters and sizzling chemistry! A MUST READ!