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REVIEW ➞ Omerta – A Very Mafioso Christmas


Omertà is our code of silence. You swear on it when diving into this anthology.

The laws of the street are:

1. Expect a cruel, bloody and sinful underworld.

2. Appreciate the villains; the monsters under your bed.

3. Lay money on foul language.

4. Have faith in steamy scenes.

5. Thrive in the darkness.

6. Pray for forgiveness.

And have a Merry Mafioso Christmas!

Sixteen dark romance authors bring you sixteen mafia and dark stories. Bow to the bosses: Bree Porter, V Domino, Eleanor Aldrick, AJ Wolf, J.M. Stoneback, Natalia Lourose, Zavi James, Shanjida Nusrath Ali, Anna Widzisz, Kay Blake, N.J. Adel, Jessica Avary, Alexi Ferreira, P.T. Macias, Krissy V. and Sav R. Miller

We were utterly perfect, until we weren’t.


This is a review of Chastity by AJ Wolf.

This was a little teaser of what is to come from AJ Wolf and I am HOOKED! Even though we only got a few chapters I was drawn in and left hanging on the edge of my seat to know what is going to come next.

In this story we are introduced to Chastity, Weston, Merrick and Brookes at a Christmas party and lets just say I would love to be invited to this party. This was captivating, addicting and HOT.

I can’t wait to see what AJ has in store for these characters when the full length novel is released.