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REVIEW ➞ My New Forever by Cara Wade


Falls Village is the last place Mason James ever wanted to return to. He fought hard to get out of the small town with its quirky people, but circumstances have left him no choice.

Widower. Single dad. Royal screw up.

Seeking solace at the bottom of a bottle isn’t going to solve his problems, so when Hannah Bailey offers to help, he jumps at the chance.

She’s the key to mending the strained relationship between father and daughter. She’s perfect, and he wants her, but it’s too soon, so Hannah offers a solution.

Three dates. No commitments. Just friends.

Each of them want more than they are willing to admit. Hannah knows who she wants, and she’s all Mason can think about. Now, Mason needs to decide if he’s ready to move on and find his new forever.

He needs someone in his corner to help shoulder some of the responsibility, and damn it if I don’t want it to be me. Mason James, I’m going to help fix you.


Mason James is a single father, trying to navigate through his life and raising his two young children after the loss of his wife. He returns to his home town to help with renovations. Hannah Bailey is the director at the local preschool, she is still fairly new to town. She is caring, loving and just wants to help. She was just meant to be a buffer and it was only supposed to be 3 dates, but sometimes things change…

Hannah and Mason had an instant connection. I loved their friendship that quickly turned into something more. Hannah was patient with Mason and his children, she was helpful and supportive of them. The bond she formed with his kids, especially Amber. She become someone the entire James family needed and Hannah needed them.

This story is emotional, sweet, and a little steamy. I loved the small town, the characters and the overall story.

If you’re looking for a small town, single dad romance this is one to check out.